845ab610d932ba8e69091a144666cbc3 s - Criptocurrency Star Growth Index (CSG Index) for investing BEST coins  using Binance!


Criptocurrency Star Growth Index (CSG Index) for investing BEST coins using Binance!




I live in Japan.  Many people in Japan are really enthusiastic for the cryptocurrency.


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People in a party, in a restaurant, or in break time in a formal business meeting, talks about cryptocurrency.   This is VERY unusual...

In Japan, in addition to trade the currencies,  cryptocurrency FX is also really popular, and amount of deals of the FX is greater than regular deals.

You know, "Mrs. Watanabe", famous many Japanese FX traders.  These traders move to cryptocurrency markets!

Here. I propose cryptocurrency index.  The purpose is to find coins for the more drastic increase of investments.


BinanceIcoin 1 - Criptocurrency Star Growth Index (CSG Index) for investing BEST coins  using Binance!


Based on 30 years experience in investment, I've started investing money into cryptocurrency market with risk control in August 2017.

So far, very successful, with risk control for a large drop.

I noticed that when BTC is an uptrend, alternative coin performance is not so good.

However, when BTS is downtrend, alternative coin performance is good. In addition, certain alternative coin performance is awesome!


Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy

The following strategy really increases asset;

  1. Buy Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin price Up -> Altcoins price downtrend
  3. Sell Bitcoin
  4. Buy good alternative coins by the BTC.
  5. Sell the alternative coin by trigger alert, if necessary.
  6. Goto 1.

What is important is No.4  "Buy good alternative coin".

So, I need to identify the good coin.

I now use Binance.  This is great trade place, providing a nice application for the smartphone.


Introduction of an Index based on non-major, possible star and growing coin

I introduce an index that is based on non-major, possible star and growth coin.

First, major coins definition is coins covered in CRYPTO20.

This is an index-style investment vehicle.

This CRYPTO20 includes the following coins.



I defined this is "Major".   Non-major means coins that are not covered by this major coins.

To calculate the index,  I will pick 10 alternative coins.

These 10 coins are picked up by;

  1. Coin listed on Binance BTC trade site.
  2. Pick up 10s from higher increase growth rate in 24hrs
  3. Exclude Major coins

The ten coins are not fixed. It changes.  But possible STAR and BEST buy coins.

Then, I just calculate an average of 10 coins,  this becomes the INDEX.

This INDEX is named by myself as Crypto Star Growth index(CSG Index).


Next, I will explain how I utilize and interpret the number.



Crypto Star Growth (CSG) Index example and interpretation

Here is an example of today's market as of 2017/12/18.

Date 2017/12/18
CSG index 42.08%
Coin % Changed
ARN 61.37%
VEN 49.29%
GAS 44.15%
POWR 48.21%
SNM 43.92%
LEND 40.07%
KNC 33.96%
GXS 33.76%
HSR 33.12%
MTL 32.90%


CSG index is 42.08%.

This means these coins gain higher interest and investments by holding BTC.

If this is bigger than 0, the listed alternative coins draw more interest than bitcoin, meaning future upwards possible trend to increase your asset.

If this is less than 0, alternative coins are all bad performance than Bitcoin.  Then people change the alternative coins to BTC.

What I need to do using this index and listed coins are;

1) Check trend of alternative coins trade V.S. bitcoin

2) Check trends of each coin by checking the chart.

3) If chart shape is good, then check coins background to assess the true value of the coins.

4) Check future activities concerning the coins, i.e. Further Listing plan to certain trade exchange, big company start studies with the coins.

Then, if the above evaluation is good, I will buy this coin from BTC.


I am going to calculate YG index every day and show this with 10 listed coins.

If I decided to buy a certain coin, I will disclose this on this site!


How to use CSG index and related information in this site

Through a month monitor of CSG index and related information, the following is "How to" investment.

  1. Check CSG index to understand current small coin market VS Major coins.   If this index is not "Negative" for three continuous days, it will be good timing to buy coins if the coins are good.
  2. Check the list of CSG index with continuous listed more than three days.  This means some trend is shown up.
  3. Analyze the coin listed.  You can refer my analize as well.
  4. If "GO" for buy in your assessment, but it ASAP.



Here, I introduce a cryptocurrency Index, called CSG index for more drastic asset increase.

New coins are picked up by this index with 10 listed coins with an assessment.

CSG index can show you trend on non-major coin towards BTC.

CSG index and 10 listed coins are introduced every on this blog.


Please share this information if you are interested in^^


Binance is great tools as trade exchange!


Note: I am not responsible for your investment. It is your own responsibility for your investment result.



BinanceIcoin 1 - Criptocurrency Star Growth Index (CSG Index) for investing BEST coins  using Binance!



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