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845ab610d932ba8e69091a144666cbc3 s - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index POSITIVE+++ 2018/1/4

CSG Index

BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index POSITIVE+++ 2018/1/4




Today's  market for major coins is nice!

In particular, nobody can stop the rise of XRP!   It's awesome!

If XRP is used in international bank remittance for lower and faster, it will be very nice!

In this case, the user doesn't have to identify "I am sending this US$ money by XRP."   The user just sees a drop in the transaction fee.   Use just send US$ as usual, as I suppose.

However, my question is, well, I understand XRP will be very major cryptocurrency, "Why is it necessary to rise of XRP price?".

If XRP if fixed price, then the same technology can be used.

However, if XRP is open to users for the non-fixed price, then more people buy and sell XRP, meaning stronger computer network will be prepared by the transaction fee.

"More people buy XRP, so XRP price rises!"



Date CSG index
2018/1/4 60.15%
Japan Time 9:00
Delta 27.6%

Note: Delta is a today's index minus yesterday's index. Time measured is listed in Japan Time but fluctuated when measured.

*CSG (Cryptocurrency Star Growth)


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CSG index has risen a lot.

The value of delta is highest on this blog.

Bitcoin and some major coins went up as well. The market is very nice.

XRP continue to rise strongly.

CSG small coins are also very nice.

People are putting more funds to cryptocurrency market.




BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index POSITIVE+++ 2018/1/4


Continuous Up trend coin for BEST BUY!

  1. SNT
  2. GTO
  3. CMT


Note: If up trends continue more than three days, BOOST mark is applied. ' - BOOST!'


Three coins are up on the list.



Date CSG index
2017/12/18 42%
2017/12/19 25%
2017/12/21 50%
2017/12/22 42%
2017/12/23 5%
2017/12/24 52%
2017/12/25 37%
2017/12/26 24%
2017/12/28 35%
2017/12/29 23%
2017/12/30 43%
2017/12/31 50%
2018/1/1 33%
2018/1/2 36%
2018/1/3 22%
2018/1/4 60%



Coin % Changed
SNT 98.22%
GTO 76.36%
EVX 70.45%
CMT 62.65%
XLM 57.52%
FUEL 55.47%
TNB 47.29%
MANA 44.90%
NULS 44.48%
GXS 44.13%

I invested ENG.  ENG is not on this list but went up.


My position:

No Coin Name POSITION PRICE Amount (BTC) Amount (Coin)
1 ENG BUY 0.000130

Current Price

+210% UP

0.5 3834


ENJ is still rising. Good investment so far.


Note: Investment is your own responsibility.  This site is not responsible for any outcome.


Cryptocurrency Star Growth Index, CSG index is calculated every day. CSGG index shows a trend of non-major but possible STAR, BEST buy coins trend towards Bitcoin.
Alternative BEST BUY coins for possible investment are also listed every day. If a certain coin becomes worth investment, the coin analysis is also disclosed on this site.



Flag CSG index delta %
POSITIVE +++++ More than 100%
++++ 50% to 100%
+++ 50% to 70%
++ 30% to 50%
+ 10% tp 30%
NEUTRAL + 5% to 10%
-5% to 5%
- -5% to -10%
NEGATIVE + -10% to -30%
++ -30% to -50%
+++ -50% to -70%
++++ -70% to -100%
+++++ Less than -100%


BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index POSITIVE+++ 2018/1/4


-CSG Index

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