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CSG Index

BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL- 2018/1/5




Today's  market for major coins is generally nice!

However, XRP has dropped a lot.


It seems that there was some negative news concerning "Is XRP really used in the banking system?"

But if this is asked, then the similar question should be used "Is Bitcoin really used ?"

"Is XXX coin really used?"


In my view of the company of Ripple strategy should utilize XRP.

If XRP is not used, then I assume whole cryptocurrency market will be fallen down.


But, this is just my view.  To understand the majority of people, we should watch chart.

It represents majority voices.

I assume it will bounce back similar to Bitcoin, however, it XRP chart shows a third rapid drop, that means trend change.

What shall I do will be written on this blog.



2018/1/5 53.85%
Japan Time 9:00
Delta 21.3%
Flag NEUTRAl -

Note: Delta is a today's index minus yesterday's index. Time measured is listed in Japan Time but fluctuated when measured.

*CSG (Cryptocurrency Star Growth)


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CSG index has gone done a little.

But the figure is still high.

CSG small coins are also very nice.

People are putting funds to small coins as well, despite XRP drops.




BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL- 2018/1/5


Continuous Up trend coin for BEST BUY!




Note: If up trends continue more than three days, BOOST mark is applied. ' - BOOST!'


There are no coins of continuous up.

It seems people often change coins to be invested.  This means no strong trend to specific small coins.

This means, from my perspective, no investment to small coins now.



2017/12/18 42%
2017/12/19 25%
2017/12/21 50%
2017/12/22 42%
2017/12/23 5%
2017/12/24 52%
2017/12/25 37%
2017/12/26 24%
2017/12/28 35%
2017/12/29 23%
2017/12/30 43%
2017/12/31 50%
2018/1/1 33%
2018/1/2 36%
2018/1/3 22%
2018/1/4 60%
2018/1/5 54%



Coin % Changed
TRX 114.29%
POE 67.45%
FUN 55.60%
MTH 57.25%
ENJ 49.56%
OST 43.80%
LINK 41.05%
TRIG 37.94%
GVT 39.66%
DLT 31.93%


FUN???   It must be fun coin!


My position:

No Coin Name POSITION PRICE Amount (BTC) Amount (Coin)
1 ENG BUY 0.00013000

Current* Price

+153% UP

0.5 3834


*Current is not AM9:00.  It's a time when this blog is written.


Note: Investment is your own responsibility.  This site is not responsible for any outcome.


Cryptocurrency Star Growth Index, CSG index is calculated every day. CSGG index shows a trend of non-major but possible STAR, BEST buy coins trend towards Bitcoin.
Alternative BEST BUY coins for possible investment are also listed every day. If a certain coin becomes worth investment, the coin analysis is also disclosed on this site.



Flag CSG index delta %
POSITIVE +++++ More than 100%
++++ 50% to 100%
+++ 50% to 70%
++ 30% to 50%
+ 10% tp 30%
NEUTRAL + 5% to 10%
-5% to 5%
- -5% to -10%
NEGATIVE + -10% to -30%
++ -30% to -50%
+++ -50% to -70%
++++ -70% to -100%
+++++ Less than -100%


BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL- 2018/1/5


-CSG Index

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