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CSG Index

BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL+ 2018/1/9




BTC price went down a little bit.

Other major coins prices are mottled again.

XRP continues to drop its' price.

My position:

ENG: 244% UP!



2018/1/9 40.86%
Japan Time 9:00
Delta 8.4%


Note: Delta is a today's index minus yesterday's index. Time measured is listed in Japan Time but fluctuated when measured.

*CSG (Cryptocurrency Star Growth)


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CSG index went up a little.

It seems that some negative news continues, such as;

1) FRB will have Fedcoin not to let bitcoin lead in both real currencies of US dollar and cryptocurrency.

2) Bitcoin will go down tremendously.


I prepare both for uptrend and downtrend including burst level drop, using checking real-time news and FX sell position.

I see how the market will react by both news and chart.

I have been a writer of a blog about current trend news, and have many experiences of investment, by watching market, including bubble collapse research.

So, I feel I can foresee market.


At the beginning of general view of bitcoin, I thought this is a real bubble and it will fall down tremendously.

However, now, I have some different view.

Currently, in Japan, big benefit tax is about 50%.  'Big' mean if it exceeds one million US dollar amount, roughly.

Therefore, people who wined a lot would not sell like stock.

People will sell stock easily since in Japan, a fixed tax is just about 20%.

(Tell me tax ratio in your country both for cryptocurrency benefit and stock, please!)


This is why there is some obstacle to sell cryptocurrency even if the market is drastically fallen down.

People will sell cryptocurrency if the benefit is just around 20% tax level, hoping the market will bounce back again.


So, in case of the big drop, it becomes a little bit difficult to set cryptocurrency FX sell position.

I will carefully watch news and trend of whole cryptocurrency market to win in any case.


Note:  Sell position without margin call can be done by Bitmex.  In Japan, every exchange takes margin call, so I don't utilize.  I only use Bitmex.

If you open the BitMEX in the following icon, you will have 10% discount of fee for 6 months.

( If you use FX in the BitMEX, you need to exercise how to put orders.  This is rather short time trade lesson required.)

Bitmexjoin - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL+ 2018/1/9


Continuous Up trend coin for BEST BUY!

  1. TNB


Note: If up trends continue more than three days, BOOST mark is applied. ' - BOOST!'


The small coin market is a neutral position.




2017/12/26 24%
2017/12/28 35%
2017/12/29 23%
2017/12/30 43%
2017/12/31 50%
2018/1/1 33%
2018/1/2 36%
2018/1/3 22%
2018/1/4 60%
2018/1/5 54%
2018/1/6 68%
2018/1/7 71%
2018/1/8 32%
2018/1/9 41%



Coin % Changed
NEBL 97.70%
ZRX 55.50%
MOD 51.76%
APPC 42.73%
LRC 37.42%
TNB 29.64%
SNGLS 24.62%
ENG 24.04%
DGD 23.36%
FUN 21.79%


ENG listed again!


My position:

No Coin Name POSITION PRICE Amount (BTC) Amount (Coin)
1 ENG BUY 0.00013000
Current Price
0.00044750244% UP!
0.5 3834


*Current is not AM9:00.  It's a time when this blog is written.


Note: Investment is your own responsibility.  This site is not responsible for any outcome.


Cryptocurrency Star Growth Index, CSG index is calculated every day. CSGG index shows a trend of non-major but possible STAR, BEST buy coins trend towards Bitcoin.
Alternative BEST BUY coins for possible investment are also listed every day. If a certain coin becomes worth investment, the coin analysis is also disclosed on this site.



Flag CSG index delta %
POSITIVE +++++ More than 100%
++++ 50% to 100%
+++ 50% to 70%
++ 30% to 50%
+ 10% tp 30%
NEUTRAL + 5% to 10%
-5% to 5%
- -5% to -10%
NEGATIVE - -10% to -30%
-- -30% to -50%
--- -50% to -70%
---- -70% to -100%
----- Less than -100%



Bitmexjoin - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL+ 2018/1/9

-CSG Index

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