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CSG Index

BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL 2018/1/17




All Major coins have dropped a lot.

It's very irregular.

I surveyed this so updating this article was late.

As a result of the survey, I sold all cryptocurrencies, closing all my position of cryptocurrency.

The reason is I smelled collapse of the bubble, possibly.

But at the same time, I thought the market may be bounced back again, just after my selling.

In addition, I put "Sell" position utilizing 50 times leverage.

It was a very busy day.


So far, at the midnight of Jan 18th, the market is still falling down. So, my selling may be correct.

I will further describe my view at the bottom of this article.



Date CSG index
2018/1/17 10.72%
Japan Time 9:00
Delta -3.4%

Note: Delta is a today's index minus yesterday's index. Time measured is listed in Japan Time but fluctuated when measured.

*CSG (Cryptocurrency Star Growth)


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What is irregular this morning is small coin list contains three negative(-) % changed coins.


BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL 2018/1/17


Continuous Up trend coin for BEST BUY


Note: If up trends continue more than three days, BOOST mark is applied. ' - BOOST!'




2018/1/3 22%
2018/1/4 60%
2018/1/5 54%
2018/1/6 68%
2018/1/7 71%
2018/1/8 32%
2018/1/9 41%
2018/1/11 25%
2018/1/12 24%
2018/1/13 26%
2018/1/14 56%
2018/1/15 17%
2018/1/16 14%
2018/1/17 11%


Coin % Changed
NEBL 27.02%
ARN 21.41%
QSP 19.66%
BQX 18.43%
DGD 11.02%
ZRX 9.72%
XZC 2.25%
LINK -0.23%
PPT -1.28%
WTC -0.76%

This is irregular!

Three small coins at the bottom of this list are negative.
I feel the market is so irregular.

People are withdrawing money, not from major coins but also small coins as well.

This is reason what I need to act today.


BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL 2018/1/17

My position:

No Coin Name POSITION PRICE Amount (BTC) Amount (Coin)
1 ENG BUY 0.00013000
Sell: Price
Profit: 164%
0.5 3834

*Current is not AM9:00.  It's a time when this blog is written.


I close all my cryptocurrency position.

Since I need to sell 17cryptocurrencyies in three exchanges, it took about 45 minutes to sell.  Too late.  I could be quicker.

I also sold ENG, but I've got 164% profit in this weakest market.

By checking the BTC chart, 7:23  AM had a biggest drip. This time is just people start to trade in train in Japan.

This is very similar to have an explosion in the blog review.  I am a blogger to follow trend news, so I can imagine.

I thought, through blog experience, next big drop may be from 12:30 Japan time, therefore, I've sold all position before that.

However, as a result, there was no big drop around 12:30.

People may not sell... Since selling is usually difficult for people.


After selling all, using Bitmex, as I planned, I bought "Sell" position using 50 times leverage, 1 million $ position using about 1.5BTC. (100 times were not valid due to lack of enough BTC).

After putting the position, I put "Trailing stop" with some best guess value.

It went down but went up again, so this selling was unsuccessful...

50 times may be too high.  This is trial & error learning process.


From chart analysis, short-term, middle-term and long-term chart all shows further drop.


At the midnight, 01:00 Jan 18 in Japan, since BTC is still dropping, and I foresee tomorrow is another day to further fall, so, I put sell position again with 5times leverage.


What I do tomorrow will be decided by tomorrow's market and news around 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM, just before the people see to decide sell or not-sell.


For the long-term view,  after I confirm knife is stuck at the ground, I would buy just major coin mainly, this would be XRP again.


Currently, there will be new ICO, but I see in this weak market, the performance of going up may be weak.   This is same as IPO when the stock market is weak.

Therefore, I may not buy new ICO coin, of course, this is the case-by-case basis.


Next cryptocurrency market evolution is selecting most visible currency that will be really used.

The current high possibility is XRP, I believe.

This is just my expectation.


Note: Investment is your own responsibility.  This site is not responsible for any outcome.


Cryptocurrency Star Growth Index, CSG index is calculated every day. CSGG index shows a trend of non-major but possible STAR, BEST buy coins trend towards Bitcoin.
Alternative BEST BUY coins for possible investment are also listed every day. If a certain coin becomes worth investment, the coin analysis is also disclosed on this site.



Flag CSG index delta %
POSITIVE +++++ More than 100%
++++ 50% to 100%
+++ 50% to 70%
++ 30% to 50%
+ 10% tp 30%
NEUTRAL + 5% to 10%
-5% to 5%
- -5% to -10%
NEGATIVE - -10% to -30%
-- -30% to -50%
--- -50% to -70%
---- -70% to -100%
----- Less than -100%



BinanceIcoin 1 - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL 2018/1/17

Bitmexjoin - BEST coins! Criptocurrency Star Growth Index NEUTRAL 2018/1/17


-CSG Index

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