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CSG Index

Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1




Cryptomarket has bounced back.
However, mid-term and long-term shows downtrend.

I still do not have positions. All money is still USDT, except some ICO related ones.

I have a Stop limit order of BTC short position considering downward range break, but this has not been executed.

I am considering cryptocurrency trade is too busy.

For my long-term stock investment, I don't use time, like a few hours in a month, assuming stock was selected by the good approach and good price.

What I do for the stokes is weekly or monthly check the stocks with news to verify my assumption to buy is still valid.


I am going to develop the long-term approach for cryptocurrency investing, with my experience in stocks.


In addition, I join IPO of stocks.  I believe current ICO information is too immature and needs much improvement.

Current IPO is very similar to the previous my bad experiences of big loss like bubble collapsion back in 1990, IT bubble collapsion.


I will write on this as well.



Date CSG index
2018/2/1 9.81%
Japan Time 9:00
Delta 4.7%

*CSG (Cryptocurrency Star Growth)
Note: Delta is a today's index minus yesterday's index. Time measured is listed in Japan Time but fluctuated when measured.


BinanceIcoin 1 - Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1

Bitmexjoin - Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1



Continuous Up trend coin for BEST BUY

  1. LSK
  2. KNC
  3. VEN

Note: If up trends continue more than three days, BOOST mark is applied. ' - BOOST!'



2018/1/20 32%
2018/1/21 17%
2018/1/22 8%
2018/1/23 15%
2018/1/24 20%
2018/1/25 16%
2018/1/26 18%
2018/1/27 13%
2018/1/28 18%
2018/1/29 19%
2018/1/30 11%
2018/1/31 5%
2018/2/1 10%



Coin % Changed
LSK 19.28%
ZRX 15.02%
MANA 11.65%
KNC 10.81%
ELF 9.57%
XLM 8.75%
REQ 6.15%
VEN 5.85%
FUN 5.66%
XZC 5.32%

Lisk(LSK) is top of the list.

LSK is just listed on bitFlyer, Japanese exchange.

From the end of last year, it was said that LISK will be listed on the bitFlyer, so the price will go up.

However, the price went up just several hours and went down as the downtrend.

I feel from this event, that coin listed on this CSGindex have the similar attribute.

Therefore, trend checks in midterm and coin analysis for long-term investment are mandatory.


BinanceIcoin 1 - Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1

My position:

I disclose all my positions; 1) Small coins listed here, and 2) Other coins I have

Small coins

No Coin Name POSITION PRICE Amount (BTC) Amount (Coin)
1 ENG BUY 0.00013000
Sell: Price
0.5 3834

*Current is not AM9:00.  It's a time when this blog is written.


Other non-small coins

No Coin Name POSITION Note
1 USDT HOLD For future investment
2 PATRON BUY Pre-sale
3 GPC BUY Pre-sale
4 HDCA BUY Pre-sale
5 COMSA BUY Could not sell due to incorrect setting of personal info. in Exchange.
6 Local currency (Yen) Not yet Still see the chance of cryptomarket.

Amount not listed but listed from the big amount.
I am not confident of these coins, so investment is high risk.


Note: Investment is your own responsibility.  This site is not responsible for any outcome.


Cryptocurrency Star Growth Index, CSG index is calculated every day. CSGG index shows a trend of non-major but possible STAR, BEST buy coins trend towards Bitcoin.
Alternative BEST BUY coins for possible investment are also listed every day. If a certain coin becomes worth investment, the coin analysis is also disclosed on this site.



Flag CSG index delta %
POSITIVE +++++ More than 100%
++++ 50% to 100%
+++ 50% to 70%
++ 30% to 50%
+ 10% tp 30%
NEUTRAL + 5% to 10%
-5% to 5%
- -5% to -10%
NEGATIVE - -10% to -30%
-- -30% to -50%
--- -50% to -70%
---- -70% to -100%
----- Less than -100%



BinanceIcoin 1 - Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1

Bitmexjoin - Cryptocurrency Position disclosed! CSGI: NEUTRAL 2018/2/1


-CSG Index

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