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Privacy Policy


Ads used on this site

In this site, ads services are utilized such as, but not limited to, Google Adsense, Amazon)

These ads companies utilize 'Cookie'(Name, address, mail, phone number are not included.), in order to show ads that match user's interests.

If you want not to utilize this process nor information to ads company, click here to deactivate them.


Analytics used on this site

In this site, 'Google analytics' by GOOGLE is utilized.

This analytics utilize Cookie to collect traffic data.

This traffic data is collected by anonymous, not identify a person.

This function can be inhibited by browser setting.

To read this term, click here.


Comments to this site

This site records IP address for comments to avoid any SPAM messages.

This is just utilized as a standard tool for blog management, therefore, the IP addresses are not used for ones except Spam messages.

Putting email address is an option.  All comments are checked by the management of this site. If approved, then this comments will be open.  Please understand this rule.

In addition, the following comments may be deleted by site management discretion.

Attach specific person or company.;

Includes sexual contents.

Concerning inhibited dealing or activities that attach other persons.  Involvement of goods or activities that are out of laws.

Inmoral matter.

Unsuitable as contents of this sire.



This site pays attention to compliance with intellectual property, privacy, etc.  If there are any problems or comments concerning the compliance, please let us know.

We will do our best to remove or modify contents in this site.  Thanks!


Responsibility of this site

This site delivers information from individual experiences, that includes investment and asset management.

This information does not ensure result or future, therefore, we are not responsible for any results using information on this site.

Please refer this site information as just reference, and you are all responsible for your decision or activities you take.


If information is not correct, please provide it by'Question'. We are welcome!

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